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12th - 15th July, 2018, 12 - 7pm

Play-Co, No2, 68 Broadwick St. W1F 9QZ
(buzz '2', take elevator to floor 5, flat 2)

Tube: 0.3 miles Oxford Circus.

A group exhibition featuring the works of seven contemporary artists: Samuel Capps, Joey Holder, Anna Hughes, Tomasz Kobialka, Isaac Lythgoe, Nemo Nonnenmacher and Rafal Zajko whose practice explores the intersection between nature and culture, reflecting an invasive behaviour that encompasses new technological and aesthetic attributes.

Seeds of an evolving subjectivity that began with the hybridisation of nature and technology have sprouted a new consciousness. In so doing they force us to question that which we thought was purely biological, suggesting a transformative and constantly changing materiality possessed by all animals, human and nonhuman alike.

Downloaded personalities, emotions constituted by data - our Deleuzian “Body without Organs” is living our parallel life in it’s virtual environment. This rhizomatic structure allows us to exist in multiple times,  forms and contexts. This new identity forges its path through liminalities and non idealised places, like a circuit board of roots in a Ballardian world appearing to be independent on the surface while being interconnected underneath

Camilla Cole

Design by

Samuel Capps, Redundant Hardware 2018 (1).jpg

Redundant Hardware 2018
Pentium processors, silicone, isocyante & polyol resin, fabric print, acrylic, bolts
132 x 94 cm

 A multi-disciplinary artist and curator, currently studying MA Critical Practice at the Royal College of Art. He runs Gossamer Fog, a London based gallery which largely focuses on varying aspects of technology's influence on society and our environment. His practice looks at the affect technology has on creating new spatial contexts and our perceptional displacement to a new digital sub-dimension. He has previously been exploring an idea of the ‘Technonatural’; the point where technology embedded into the materiality of humans and their environments becomes imperceivable. His practice also considers representations of media archaeology and radical projections of our future landscape, be it in a post-nature or a post-human world.

TOMASZ KOBIALKA Drosophila melanogaster 2018 Laser etch on cardboard, 50 x 30 x 15 cm (detail).jpg

Drosophila melanogaster 2018 Laser etch on cardboard,
50 x 30 x 15 cm

(b.1983, Poland) is an Australian artist, writer and programmer, living and working in London and Berlin. Kobialka uses sculpture, video and installation to engages with technology and the way it shapes our daily social and emotional wellbeing. His work also examines how naturalised concepts of competition, power, status and hierarchy construct male identity and how through the process of critique alternative forms of identity can be proposed.  Graduated from the Goldsmiths MFA programme in 2017 and holds a Bachelor (honors) in Software Engineering from the Australian National University (ANU). Selected exhibitions include; National Gallery in Prague Czech Republic; The Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.


JOEY HOLDER      The Evolution of the Spermalege  2014 and ongoing 3D printed insect genitalia.jpg

The Evolution of the Spermalege  2014 and ongoing 3D printed insect genitalia

(b. U.K) artistic practice and research spans video and multimedia installations both online and offline. Connecting forms which have emerged through our human taste, culture and industrial processes she investigates complex systems that dissolve notions of the ‘natural’ and the ‘artificial’. By contrasting so-called ‘organic’ and ‘man-made’ substances and surfaces through a series of abstractions, she creates a world of manifold layers, none more unified or natural than the next. Holder is a London based artist who received her BA from Kingston University (2001) and her MFA from Goldsmiths (2010). Recent solo/duo exhibitions include ‘SELACHIMORPHA’, Photographers Gallery, London (2017), ‘Ophiux’, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2016), ‘TETRAGRAMMATON’, LD50, London (duo w/ John Russell) (2016);  ‘HYDROZOAN’. Recent group exhibitions include 'HYDROZOAN' at the 7th Moscow International Biennale Of Contemporary Art, Russia

NEMO NONNENMACHER Hand 1, 2017  C-print in steel frame    150 x 120 cm .jpg
Nemo Nonnenmacher Hand II, 2016-17, C-print 150 x 120 cm.jpg

Hand 1 and 2, 2017  
C-print in steel frame   
150 x 120 cm

NEMO NONNENMACHER  A   Volume (red) 2017 C-print in steel frame   120 x 96 cm.jpg

Volume (red) 2017
C-print in steel frame   
120 x 96 cm

(b.1988, Germany) uses photography, digital sculpture and installation to explore how contemporary technologies affect our cultural identity, in what way the corporeal relates to the virtual and to what point presence and identity are articulated by both human hand and machine. Nemo graduated from Royal College of Art in 2017 and has recently been artist in residence at Outset Contemporary Art Fund in Baker Street and Radical Resident at Unit 1 Gallery Workshop. 

ANNA HUGHES   A Lock Picker (I)  2018 Wax 51.5 x 30 cm B Lock Picker (II)  2018 Wax 51.5 x 30 cm.jpg

Lock Picker (I) and (II) 2018 Wax 51.5 x 30 cm

Anna Hughes (b.1982, UK) makes primarily sculptural works that investigate the mystical and metaphysical properties hidden in materials, textures and architectural forms to explore ideas of re-enchantment, alignment and the connective relationships between her works and the space they inhabit. Her recent series, Lock Pickers considers the geometric forms of magical symbology, guarding and protecting of secrets and the development of cryptographic technology in the current internet age. Living and working in London, Hughes graduated with a Postgraduate degree from the Royal Academy Schools in 2016, following a Bachelor of Art from Goldsmiths, London and has exhibited widely across Europe.

RAFAL ZAJKO   A Aparat (RED) 2018 Jesmonite, steel, freehand embroidery 70 x 40 cm B  Chunk (BLUE) 2018 Concrete jesmonite, steel 28 x 18 cm .jpg

Aparat (RED) 2018 Jesmonite, steel, freehand embroidery 70 x 40 cm

Chunk (BLUE) 2018 Concrete jesmonite, steel 28 x 18 cm

(b1988, Poland) is a multimedia artist working in sculpture, performance, and costume. His recent body of work incorporates wall-based concrete and steel panels that often contain free-hand embroidery slats. His work deals with themes of monuments, socialist public sculpture and the relationship between the body and technology. Zajko was born in the Polish People's Republic a year before the collapse of the Berlin Wall. He currently lives and works in London. Recent shows includes: "Unputdownable" at The White Cubicle, London, “Art of Translation" at MMAG Foundation in Amman, Jordan (2018), "Failure" at Litost Gallery in Prague (2018) and “Haptic House" at Horse and Pony, Berlin (all 2018). He is currently working on forthcoming solo show at Castor Project in London (June 2018).


smellsummerrain (1).jpg

Smell Summer Rain 2018  
UV print, acrylic and varnish on faux leather
135 x 90 cm

(b.1989, UK) works in various media, his practise considers consciousness and its distortions through storytelling. Graduated from Royal College of Art in 2014, recent shows include Michael Jackson On the Wall, National Portrait Gallery, London (2018), Janus, Exo Exo, Paris, (2017) Lonesome Wife, Seventeen Gallery, London, (2016) Never Land Alone with Jack Lavender, Hussenot, Paris (2016), 5225 Figueroa Mountain Rd, Almanac, London (2016)

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