For over a decade, Camilla Cole has been organising contemporary art exhibitions for numerous commercial galleries and private collections, having studied History of Art at UCL and Curation at Goldsmiths. At a time of significant arts cuts, Cole Projects aims to support artists, both in a financial sense and also by means of providing new exhibition platforms for their work, outside of a traditional gallery context.

There are three aspects of the business:

  • Curatorial projects: typically thematic group exhibitions in innovative locations. 

  • Featured artists: artworks for sale where 80% of the profits go directly into supporting artists.

  • Consultancy: exhibition production, collection management, acquisitions.

As a social enterprise, we do all we can to support the artists we love. We believe there is a huge opportunity within the contemporary art world, which is often overlooked because of misconceptions about the industry.

We recognise that people are discouraged from buying art because of the extra zeros tacked on at the end of the price tag - so we've reduced our commission to help encourage sales by de-inflating the prices. 

We also recognise that people become wary when prices are not visible -  so where possible we will make this information available with a view to full transparency.

Finally, there is sometimes a misconception that contemporary art is too abstract, making the viewer feel like they 'just don’t get it'. We are here to help contextualise the work if you want to find out more about the artist and the piece's history. Or, just go with your instinct - feel free to love it or hate it, but we hope the work we curate at least opens up an interesting discourse, even if you don’t want to display it on your walls.

“cole projects is a curator/dealership hybrid that uses 10 years of experience in the commercial art world combined with curatorial academic training to financially support emerging artists”

Camilla Cole

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