Invasive Behaviour

12 - 15 July 2018

A group exhibition featuring the works of seven contemporary artists: Samuel Capps, Joey Holder, Anna Hughes, Tomasz Kobialka, Isaac Lythgoe, Nemo Nonnenmacher and Rafal Zajko whose practice explores the intersection between nature and culture, reflecting an invasive behaviour that encompasses new technological and aesthetic attributes. Seeds of an evolving subjectivity that began with the hybridisation of nature and technology have sprouted a new consciousness. In so doing they force us to question that which we thought was purely biological, suggesting a transformative and constantly changing materiality possessed by all animals, human and nonhuman alike.

Downloaded personalities, emotions constituted by data - our Deleuzian “Body without Organs” is living our parallel life in it’s virtual environment. This rhizomatic structure allows us to exist in multiple times, forms and contexts. This new identity forges its path through liminalities and non idealised places, like a circuit board of roots in a Ballardian world appearing to be independent on the surface while being interconnected underneath

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