Candida Powell-Williams British , b. 1984

Candida Powell-Williams creates installations which play with the relationship between sculpture, live performance and animation. She creates sculptural landscapes that are a response to researching the slippage that occurs to the meaning of historical artefacts over time, aiming to confront our relationship to memory and storytelling. She finds patterns of references and chains of coincidences, condensing them into a singular experience. Her research is guided by existential questions about human kinds attempts to navigate ourselves within the purposeless and chaotic universe through the connection between the mundane materiality of objects, action and belief. Using a range of materials and textures Powell-Williams references the contested meaning of symbols, rendering them physical in modular, emblematic forms or prop-like sculptures akin to drawing and characterised by their wobbly geometry, apparently dissolving edges and the intimacy of the handmade. Often fabricated in sweet gradients of pinks, purples, yellows and greens the colours and surfaces coalesce to appear like disneyfied relics. Sculptures come together in whimsical theatrical staging’s animated with fleeting performances exploring gesture and touch which are documented in stuttering layered animations.