Olivia Norris British

Selected Exhibitions and Performances


MotherEarth, ThisEgg, Vaults Festival

Lend your ears, open your eyes Exhibition and Auction, Koppel gallery

Sissy Fatigue screening, London Short Film Festival


Dressed at British Council Showcase, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 19th-25th Aug

UK Tour of Dressed, Home, Manchester | 4th-8th June

UK Tour of Dressed, The Garage, Norwich | 24th-26th May

UK Tour of Dressed, Tobacco Factory, Bristol | 21st-23rd May

Encore, Brouhaha, The Lab Gallery, Dublin | 25th April

STASIS Best of Best of, A Vague Sense of Anxiety, Residency and Performance IMMA, Dublin | 14th- 27th April

UK Tour of Dressed, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh | 11th-13th Apr

UK Tour of Dressed, Shoreditch Town Hall | 26th-5th Mar Apr

UK Tour of Dressed, Glasgow Tron Theatre | 14th -16th Mar

UK Tour of Dressed, Battersea Arts Centre | 26th - 2nd Feb Mar

Tracksuit Trendy, Liverpool, performing for Lola de la Mata | 2nd Feb


Sissy Fatigue, screening and performance evening, Nora Almes and Hervisions, Brunel Museum | 11th Dec

STASIS Heavyweight 360 video released via BBC scotland | 19th Sept

STASIS Cherry Lips, Crystal Skies, Mimosa House, London, curated by Nora Almes | 14th Sept

STASIS The Last Aha, Salon 63, London | 15th Sept

STASIS The Sedate, Merchants City Festival, Glasgow | 10th Aug

Dressed, Edinburgh Fringe Festival | 5th-26th Aug

STASIS Romanticrash, Jupiter Artland Edinburgh | 28th July

John Moores Exhibition, John Walker Gallery, Liverpool | July

STASIS Summer Party - A Sedation, David Dale Gallery | 30th June

STASIS A Dank Hangout for UFO Enthusiasts, performing for Fritz Welch, Summer hall, Edinburgh | 26th June

Shot clock, performance by Pheobe Davies, Beth Kettle and Olivia Norris, curated by Joseph Bond | Cob Gallery | 6th June

STASIS The Sedate (wet version) Glasgow International, Love Unlimited | 28th April

Faux Pas, dance and film screening at Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh | 2nd march

STASIS, The Sedate, Resolution, The Place, London | 22nd Feb

STASIS, The Sedate Other Faces 2 curated by Francis Doso, Edinburgh | Stasis | 16th Feb


This One’s For You | Front Horse Nottingham | 9th Dec

Stuffstarts, Gel Collective, New Glasgow Society | 10th Nov

STASIS, Eros, DRAF 10th Anniversary at Koko, Frieze art Fair London | 3rd Oct

STASIS, Eros, Sluice, streamed on Thisistomorrow | 2nd Oct

Hummlemania, performing for Mette Sterre, Birmingham Weekender | 23rd & 24th Sept

Black Hole Empire, choreography for Mette Sterre, London College of Fashion | 22nd Sept

This One’s For You, Supernormal Festival, Oxford | 5th, 6th August

STASIS It Just Keeps Happening, Dance International Glasgow | 9th May

STASIS Liane - Linae - Alien, curated by Dafne Boggeri, Marselleria Permanent Exhibition, Milan | 19th April

STASIS Best Of, show with James Findlay, Embassy Show at Hutt Collective, Nottingham | 16th March

Mercy Seat, Music Video, Official Selection for Denver Film Festival | March

Bread and Butter, Solo immersive show, Chaodowntown, Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam | 4th March

STASIS, V, Faux Pas, | 6th Jan


Touch My Ego (please), Group show with Jesse Rivers and Edinburgh Leisure, Embassy Gallery, Edinburgh | 25th Nov - 15th Dec

STASIS, It Just Keeps Happening, Performing for Pester and Rossi, Baltic 39, Newcastle | 5th Nov

STASIS, Pompe, London | 7th Sept

Wovoka Gentle, Chats Palace & The Pick Factory London | 29th Oct 28th April

STASIS, She is a soft touch, I Still Belive at Inverleith House, Edinburgh | 14th Aug

STASIS Circus Between Worlds, Glasgow International, Neil Bromwich and Zoe Walker | 8th - 10 April

STASIS Mega Hammer | Glasgow International | Marvin Gaye Chetwynd | 7th April