Fern Lucia O'Carolan Irish, b. 1992

O' Carolan's practice spans digital and analogue information technologies, sculpture,
printmaking and installation, and is contextually situated within her expanded interests in online and underground publishing. Her approach to making and cultural generation embraces continuous conceptual and material experimentation to probe concerns surrounding hyper- masculinity, abjection, online tribalism, and meme culture. O' Carolan' s work is strongly situated within research culture and her practice proposes a radical feminist interrogation of anti-social virtual culture and alt.right sexuality though a performative and holistic position that champions sensitivity and inclusivity. By exploring the boundaries of public and intimate spaces, experimenting with a kind of camera- less photography only recently enabled by our increasingly intimate relationship with digital devices: O' Carolan's practice represents a state of loneliness through the pairing of raw and uncomfortable images found in sub cultural spaces. Through this, O' Carolan examines the notion of perception, questioning societal structures and the transience they take on.

The people that capture O' Carolan's attention challenge social oppression and isolation. In doing so, they are at once proud and shameful, powerful and oppressed-the platform produces endless paradox. O' Carolan aims to explore the discomfort present and ignored in contemporary life. In the gallery, exposure to such explicit vulnerability exposes the viewer themselves. This in turn renders it a space of release for many from the constraints of society and prejudicial attitudes people may encounter “in real life.”