Juliette Mahieux Bartoli French-Italian, b. 1989

Juliette Mahieux Bartoli’s work applies the logic of language to fragmented imagery. She explores how both verbal and visual language are a tool for understanding the world and a context that shapes how we see it.

Mahieux Bartoli’s fragmented imagery deconstructs how and why we read composition. Shards of bodies or geometric forms, rendered in her classical visual language, are both familiar and new when composed in new contexts.

Her practice has moved from: a representation of multiple cultural identities through fragmented figures; to an investigation of how and why those fragments have meaning; what this can tell us about living amongst and between cultures; and the mechanisms that allow us to do so.


Mahieux Bartoli’s work builds a positive argument for looking beyond our own context into others, using her European identity as voice and ballast.