Kathryn Graham Irish, b. 1995

Graham's practice explores space, identity, memory, history and placement. By drawing on her upbringing and surroundings, childhood memory and post-conflict Northern Irish identity she exposes emotion around identity, division and displacement. By combining print and sculpture, she works with simplicity of shape and symbols as metaphors of personal and private experience. Fragility of coextensive objects make up spaces between states of being and becoming. The scale is both expansive and intimate, questioning ownership and vulnerability, creating an environment, in protest of territorialism, playing on the privatised and segregated.  There is a subtle confrontation which shows as much of an internal conflict as an external conflict- questioning emotional and physical memory through material, with an aim to provide a central viewing point from which the viewer can gain their own perspective. Concepts of austerity, conflict and identity relate beyond my own experience and to a wider social and cultural context.