York is a British artist influenced by the remnants of consumerism, environmentalism and the cultural debris of his surroundings. In his sculptures William is rewriting object’s stories by using them as vessels to create juxtapositions: the man-made and organic, the lost with the found, the accidental and intentional. He creates shrines of oddity balancing between chaos and harmony. His artworks are informed by the materials he found on the streets during his time in Berlin, the objects that people have left behind; be it discarded, weathered, historical, or everyday objects. Through his commitment to, and choice of materials, and the subsequent manipulation of assemblages, William is turning ready-made into artefacts. The sculptures range from large scale works made from everyday objects such as discarded metals and household goods, mixed with organic materials to small assemblages of historical GDR artefacts, utilising manipulation of object textures through chemical processes.