Blockfrei’s Curators Agenda is a residency running from September - November 2018. We are one of the 7 curators from around the world that will select works from the University of Applied Arts and co-curate a group exhibition at Krinzinger Projekte, opening the 25th October 2018. This year we will consider the heritage of the '68 and new utopias as a focal point of the exhibition.

BLOCKFREI is an independent cultural organisation based in Vienna established in 2013 as a platform for innovative cultural praxis. The goal is to support the cooperation between cultural groups from Austria and South-Eastern Europe. BLOCKFREI embodies the concept of mobility of artists and cultural professionals, strongly believing that multicultural projects are of the highest importance and inevitability part of the global cultural and geopolitical sphere.

The programme is support by the City of Vienna and the 7th District of Vienna.